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Gallery photos and information: Irish Elk Skeleton

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The Irish elk (Megaloceros giganteus) is an extinct species of deer in the genus Megaloceros and is one of the largest deer that ever lived. Its range extended across Eurasia, from Ireland to northern Asia and Africa. A related form is recorded from China during the Late Pleistocene. The most recent remains of the species have been carbon dated to about 7,700 years ago in Siberia. Although most skeletons have been found in Irish bogs, the animal was not exclusively Irish and was not closely related to either of the living species currently called elk - Alces alces (the European elk, known in North America as the moose) or Cervus canadensis (the North American elk or wapiti). Early phylogenetic analyses supported the idea of a sister-group relationship between fallow deer (Dama dama) and the Irish Elk. However, newer morphological studies prove that the Irish elk is more closely related to its modern regional counterparts of the Red Deer (Cervus elaphus). For this reason, the name "Giant Deer" is used in some publications.

Irish Elk and Mammoth via image
Irish Elk and Mammoth
Skeleton of Irish Elk via image
Skeleton of Irish Elk
Irish Elk Skeleton Dra... via image
Irish Elk Skeleton Dra...
Walking Skeleton Man  ... via image
Walking Skeleton Man ...
Irish Elk via image
Irish Elk
Skeleton of the Irish ... via image
Skeleton of the Irish ...
may not be those best via image
may not be those best
hyperallergic What Sho... via image
hyperallergic What Sho...
of a huge Elk Skeleton... via image
of a huge Elk Skeleton...
Irish elk skeleton  dr... via image
Irish elk skeleton dr...
skeleton of an Irish e... via image
skeleton of an Irish e...
The Irish Elk  Megacer... via image
The Irish Elk Megacer...
Irish Elk fossil skele... via image
Irish Elk fossil skele...
600 x 535 jpeg 63kB
Elk Skeleton - Viewing... via image
Elk Skeleton - Viewing...
1024 x 768 jpeg 82kB
Megaceros Giganteus - ... via image
Megaceros Giganteus - ...
1301 x 874 jpeg 475kB
Irish Elk Size Compari... via image
Irish Elk Size Compari...
738 x 591 jpeg 70kB
The Tusked Giants Spec... via image
The Tusked Giants Spec...
614 x 437 jpeg 115kB
Defense Ministry draws... via image
Defense Ministry draws...
4032 x 2740 jpeg 1126kB
Gallery For > Gigan... via image
Gallery For > Gigan...
1024 x 754 jpeg 63kB
Gallery For > Glypt... via image
Gallery For > Glypt...
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Procoptodon via image
567 x 449 jpeg 95kB
EPS vectores de animal... via image
EPS vectores de animal...
450 x 342 jpeg 28kB
“The abolition of th... via image
“The abolition of th...
893 x 632 jpeg 191kB
November | 2013 | The ... via image
November | 2013 | The ...
706 x 521 jpeg 187kB
Dragons wallpapers | D... via image
Dragons wallpapers | D...
2560 x 1600 jpeg 1593kB
Thinking of You Poem P... via image
Thinking of You Poem P...
512 x 512 jpeg 44kB
Blue Whale Compared To... via image
Blue Whale Compared To...
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estructura economica via image
estructura economica
350 x 362 jpeg 79kB