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Gallery photos and information: Russian Blue Expensive

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The Russian Blue has bright green eyes, pinkish lavender or mauve paws, two layers of short thick fur, and a blue-grey coat. The color is a bluish-gray that is the dilute expression of the black gene. However, as dilute genes are recessive ("d") and each parent will have a set of two recessive genes ("dd") two Russian Blues will always produce a blue cat. The coat is known as a "double coat," with the undercoat being soft, downy, and equal in length to the guard hairs, which are an even blue with silver tips. The tail, however, may have a few very dull, almost unnoticeable stripes. Only Russian Blues and the French Chartreux have this type of coat, which is described as thick and soft to the touch. The silver tips give the coat a shimmering appearance. Its eyes are almost always a dark and vivid green. Any white patches of fur or yellow eyes in adulthood are seen as flaws in show cats. Russian Blues should not be confused with British Blues (which are not a distinct breed but rather a British Shorthair with a coat; the British Shorthair breed itself comes in a wide variety of colors and patterns), nor the Chartreux or Korat which are two other naturally occurring breeds of blue cats, although they have similar traits.

Top 10 Most Expensive ... via image
Top 10 Most Expensive ...
The Russian Blue is al... via image
The Russian Blue is al...
Russian Blue via image
Russian Blue
Russian Blue Cats via image
Russian Blue Cats
RUSSIAN BLUE via image
Russian Blue via image
Russian Blue
07 Most Expensive Cat via image
07 Most Expensive Cat
Russian Blue via image
Russian Blue
It s a Russian Blue  via image
It s a Russian Blue
6 Russian Blue via image
6 Russian Blue
Russian Blue via image
Russian Blue
7 Russian Blue via image
7 Russian Blue
Russian Blue via image
Russian Blue
Russian Blue Cat  Pric... via image
Russian Blue Cat Pric...
Russian Blue cat close... via image
Russian Blue cat close...
The Russian Blue Cat: ... via image
The Russian Blue Cat: ...
536 x 357 jpeg 17kB
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