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Gallery photos and information: Scottish Terrier Adoption

Wiki info

Many dog writers after the early 19th century seem to agree that there were two varieties of terrier existing in Britain at the time — a rough-haired so-called Scotch Terrier and a smooth-haired English Terrier. Thomas Brown, in his Biological Sketches and Authentic Anecdotes of Dogs (1829), states that "the Scotch terrier is certainly the purest in point of breed and the (smooth) English seems to have been produced by a cross from him". Brown went on to describe the Scotch Terrier as "low in stature, with a strong muscular body, short stout legs, a head large in proportion to the body" and was "generally of a sandy colour or black" with a "long, matted and hard" coat. Although the Scotch Terrier described here is more generic than specific to a breed, it asserts the existence of a small, hard, rough-coated terrier developed for hunting small game in the Scottish Highlands in the early 19th century; a description that shares characteristics with what was once known as the Aberdeen Terrier and is today known as the Scottish Terrier. In addition, the paintings of Sir Edwin Landseer and an 1835 lithograph entitled "Scottish Terriers at Work on a Cairn in the West Highlands" both depict Scottie type terriers very similar to those described in the first Scottish Terrier Standard.

View More Scottish Ter... via image
View More Scottish Ter...
Adorable Scottish Terr... via image
Adorable Scottish Terr...
Temperament  Behavior via image
Temperament Behavior
scottish terrier puppi... via image
scottish terrier puppi...
2015 Scottish Terrier ... via image
2015 Scottish Terrier ...
Scottish Terrier Puppy... via image
Scottish Terrier Puppy...
Scottish Terriers via image
Scottish Terriers
zomg scottie puppies via image
zomg scottie puppies
This breeds does best ... via image
This breeds does best ...
Scottish Terrier via image
Scottish Terrier
Scottish Terrier Puppy... via image
Scottish Terrier Puppy...
Scottish Terrier via image
Scottish Terrier
Scottish Terriers via image
Scottish Terriers
Scoland Terrier Puppie... via image
Scoland Terrier Puppie...
Grey Scottish Terrier ... via image
Grey Scottish Terrier ...
3648 x 2736 jpeg 1489kB
Pics Photos - Scottie ... via image
Pics Photos - Scottie ...
900 x 600 jpeg 217kB
Cairn Terrier - Viewin... via image
Cairn Terrier - Viewin...
1280 x 727 jpeg 203kB
The six Scottish breed... via image
The six Scottish breed...
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black lab terrier mix ... via image
black lab terrier mix ...
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Airedale Terrier Dog B... via image
Airedale Terrier Dog B...
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Eight Poodle dog mixes... via image
Eight Poodle dog mixes...
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Le Westie via image
Le Westie
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CASH | Adopted Puppy |... via image
CASH | Adopted Puppy |...
336 x 310 jpeg 24kB
Hope – 12 month old ... via image
Hope – 12 month old ...
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About Border Terriers via image
About Border Terriers
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Flint – 3-4 year old... via image
Flint – 3-4 year old...
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Manchester Terrier Chi... via image
Manchester Terrier Chi...
640 x 640 jpeg 124kB
Affenpinscher Dog Bree... via image
Affenpinscher Dog Bree...
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Extra Small Dog Breeds... via image
Extra Small Dog Breeds...
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Afghan Hound - Dog Bre... via image
Afghan Hound - Dog Bre...
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Bichon Frise X Yorkshi... via image
Bichon Frise X Yorkshi...
1461 x 897 jpeg 204kB
Greyhound Dog Breed In... via image
Greyhound Dog Breed In...
460 x 290 jpeg 10kB
650 x 575 jpeg 69kB
Shayla | Adopted Dog |... via image
Shayla | Adopted Dog |...
329 x 329 jpeg 25kB